Bills Custom Calls

My name is Bill Grove, welcome to my site. Creating custom game calls is a passion of mine. Each call is turned from the highest quality of woods available, and hand tuned one at a time. Take a look around at some of my work, and if there is something you like or would like to place an order for, please feel free to contact me.

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Our calls speak for themselves.... See what I did there?

I have one of Bill’s deer calls and it makes good sounds. Bill also did a good job on the fit and finish on the call. I haven’t used the call in the field, but wanted one of Bill’s calls for my collection. ~Jerry   

Bills Custom Calls sound as good as they look!! Bill is an upstanding guy that knows what you expect in a custom hand call. Deer or predators. I will buy from him in the future. ~Glen Shaffer  
I had seen a few calls before buying the two from Bill. The quality and finish seemed much better then others I handle. He has many styles on his web site that you can view and ask questions about, and will also make a custom caller for you. I have used mine a few times and they sound great. ~Brad   

The Deer Grunters that I have received from bnccont(Maker of Bill's Custom Calls) have been superb. They range in tone from a fawn bleat to a doe in estrous to the most mature buck all in one call.I have some store bought calls, and they just don't sound as good. I especially like the small Antler Howler which he made for me. It produces very good juvenile and female invitation howls. I haven't called in a coyote with it yet but figure it's just a matter of time. Thanks bnccont, ~Nelson  

I have a Bills Custom Call cocobolo enclosed reed call. The craftsmanship is second to none. It has a beautiful and durable finish and the sound is first rate. A person can't go wrong with a call from Bills Custom Calls. ~Dave   

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I like the African Mohogany Grunt Call you made for me.It helped take my biggest Oklahoma Whitetail Deer so far.I will have it back in the woods with me next season for sure.Keep up the good work!   ~Terry   

I have been blessed with a lot of good times out in the woods hunting! Over those years I have Observed that you should use "Quality tools" if you don't want your hunt to be a disappointment! Bill has those calls that won't Disappoint! The sounds are tops, the price won't put You in the dog house with Momma and the simple part is they just Work! Yours in Sport, ~Jimmie MacClure  

I purchased a cow horn howler off of Bill in October. The craftsmanship of this call is excellent, it looks and sounds great. I look forward to buying more of Bill's calls in the future ~Jason Axley

Bill, I wanted to thank you again for the deer grunter you made for me. I had never tried calling deer before and this past season, three of the four deer I took came in to your call. It was easy to use and those grooves in the tone board made it very easy to change from doe bleats to buck grunts. It was pretty cool having a nice buck trot in looking.
~Stu Baker, Midland NC   

After getting alot of time in the woods and in the fields, using lots if different calls from lots of different call makers, I have definitely found one of my favorites, Bill's Custom Calls. Bill has some great looking designs and finishes that are second to none. His new design on predator calls is super easy to blow for extend time on stand, extending the amount of time you can keep going without running out of breath, even on those extra windy days. So if your looking for a great buy on an outstanding work of art, then check out ~ Joe   

I was heading up to South Dakota for a January coyote hunt. I never had a custom call and really wanted one for this hunt. Everything I do seems to be last minute and this was no exception. I threw out a message on the predator hunting forum and Bill contacted me right away. He had made the call and sent it to my hunting partner in SD in a week. We got the call that saturday. It was beautiful. Clean smooth lines and a great sound. We tried it out on sunday morning in a new spot and called in two coyotes. Craftmanship and service were top notch and I would recommend Bill and his calls to anyone. ~Tim  

Ok Bill, I got the call. I like the shape, style, size, and the way it fits the hand. Love the wood combo, its always a good one. What most impresses me is the ease at which it blows and the sound I get out of it. I'm not a air flow expert, I'm not 100% sure of the back pressure philosophies, but if ya do the same thing to all your calls and they all sound like this? Don't change it! I was lil" shocked when I started playing with her. Reminded me of my Rhinos and THO calls. Sometimes I think I understand how they work, but then my way of thinking gets blown out of the water. This I can tell ya, of all the custom closed reeds sitting on my shelves right now, in sounds and smoothness this call will be in the top 20. ~Todd